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Landis P-2 Double Press

The Landis P2 Press can handle two shoes simultaneously. This means that shoemakers can effectively double their output without loss of valuable time. The Landis P2 press, is an indispensable machine for any shop, and Landis has designed the P2 to particularly meet the needs of today’s shoemakers.

The Landis P2 Press Features:
  • For all kinds of boots and shoes
  • Makes a stronger bond
  • Pressure pad automatically shapes to shoe
  • Use both pads simultaneously or individually
  • Timer controlled
  • Pressure adjustment
  • Safety switch
  • Complete with eight pairs of lasts and soles including two for cowboy boots
  • Two pairs of lasts for heels
  • Quick disconnect for use with optional air tools
  • Available with or without compressor
Also available:
  • The Landis P1. Although similar to the Landis P2 with the same basic features, the Landis P1 is a swing arm press designed to allow the placing of a second shoe on the last while the first one is being bonded.
The Landis P2 Press Dimensions:
    Width: 18" Depth: 25" Height: 73"

Landis P-2 Double Press Images

Important Note: All returns will include a 20% return/restocking fee.