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Landis Shoe Machines
Landis Shoe Machines

Gateway Shoe Machine is proud of it's historical connection to Landis Shoe Machine Company.

Shortly after WW2 Tony Mueller began his involvement in what turned out be a fruitful and long career in the shoe service industry. In 1958 Tony made his decision to go to work for Landis Shoe Machine Company. This decision had proved to be a good one for the shoe repair industry. Tony’s efforts truly bolstered the shoe machinery industry. In 1959, after several months of intense training at the Landis Shoe Machine Production Facility in St. Louis, Mr. Mueller was assigned to his first territory with Landis Shoe Machine. Tony was truly blessed to be taking over the territory once held by Max Brown, a legend in the shoe machine servicing field. By that time, Mr. Brown had worked for almost all of the major shoe machine companies. Max was able to give Tony not only more intense training on the Landis Shoe Machine equipment, but many other brands of shoe machinery. Soon Tony had become one of Landis’ top salesmen and without a doubt their top service technician. Because of Tony’s ability to service not only Landis machines, but many other brands of shoe machines as well, Tony was sent by Landis Shoe Machine Company to many other territories to service shoe repair equipment. In 1972, Tony’s territory was relocated to the state of Illinois and many of the surrounding states. By this time Landis Shoe Machine Company had moved to Dexter, Maine. Because of Tony’s centralized location, Tony and his team of expert technicians were rebuilding most of the shoe repair machinery for Landis, that the company’s many salesmen were able to begin selling throughout the United States. Tony had then began speaking at major Universities and vocational schools that offered shoe repair and O & P training. He gave the students hands-on experience for maintaining their Landis shoe repair equipment. By 1977, Tony was so well known throughout the Shoe repair industry that he launched his own shoe repair machinery company. Because of its location near St. Louis, the new company was named Gateway Shoe Machine, a name that has become world renown in the shoe repair industry. Beginning in 1972, his son Steve began working with Tony, and became one of the technicians in the facility in which Mr. Mueller had been rebuilding machines for Landis Shoe Machine near St. Louis. Steve continued in the footsteps of his father in the shoe machinery industry. After Tony passed in 1990, Steve became owner of Gateway Shoe Machine. In 1991, Jerry Mueller brought with him his wealth of knowledge from Sutton Shoe Machine to became a member of Gateway Team.

Gateway offers both the sturdy Landis K or Landis L model outsole stitchers. Each of our Landis Stitchers have been completely remanufactured by qualified technicians and are now the best outsole stitchers in the world. These machines feature new wiring, new electrical components, new motors, and all worn parts have been replaced by brand new parts. The remanufactured Landis Stitchers are housed in a new cabinet so handsome that they can be placed in the front of your shop. Also available with the original Landis stand.

Landis Stitcher Specialists

Gateway Shoe Machine is a leader in the rebuilding and servicing of Landis Shoe Stitchers such as the Landis K-12, the Landis G-12, the Landis F-12, and other model curved needle stitchers. We also rebuild and service all brands of Landis Mckays. It is believed that Gateway Shoe Machine has been servicing and rebuilding Landis stitchers longer than any remaining shoe machine company in the United States. Gateway has also rebuilt shoe stitchers for shoe machinery companies such as Auto Soler, Stanley Bostitch, Sutton, Shu-Re-Nu, and Power. Gateway Shoe Machine offers you many options for having your stitcher repaired or rebuilt in a timely fashion. Options such as the comfort of mind knowing that one of our technicians will be happy coming to you at your shoe repair shop, for in shop service. We also offer the options of rebuilt stitcher head exchanges. We will take your old stitcher head off of old stand and replace it with a newly rebuilt stitcher head. You may also ship your machine to our factory where our technicians will repair or rebuild your machine and return it to you completely like new. Also, you may bring your shoe repair equipment to our facilities where we usually offer one day service, so you won't miss precious time at your shoe repair shop. Just let us know in advance what your needs will be. Gateway Shoe Machine is indeed your Landis stitcher specialists.

Gateway Shoe Machine's central location in America's heartland, and our technicians' many years of experience in the shoe service industry allow us to offer the best support and sales for Landis Shoe Machinery.