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Orthopedic and Shoe Repair Machine Parts

Gateway Shoe Machine offers a wide variety of parts for Sutton, Classic Landis, Auto Soler, Stanley Bostitch and Landis International Shoe Machinery. Some shoemakers have been misled or have the misunderstanding that many shoe machine parts are no longer available for their older shoe repair machinery. In most cases this is not true. Gateway Shoe Machine offers a large number of parts for Sutton, Classic Landis, Autosoler, Stanley-Bostich, and Landis International Shoe Machines. Contact Gateway first about those hard to find replacement parts. Beyond the hard to find parts, Gateway Shoe Machine also offers the following parts and supplies: finisher contact wheels, FS wheels, B wheels, bottom sander wheels, heel breasters, idler wheels, dustbags, bearings, trimmers, horsehair brushes, welt brushes, Atco fittings, stitch pickers, naumkeag parts, motors, sharpening stones, idler arm mechanisms, 5 in 1 cutting blades, skiving blades, Landis stitcher and finisher parts, Sutton stitcher and finisher parts, Besser McKay parts, Claes Patching Machine parts, needles, awls, thread, and more. Some of the name brand products we carry include: Groz-Beckert Needles, Barbour’s Thread, Gateway Shoe Machine Brand Lockstitch McKay Thread. We also offer regritting of carbide wheels.

Because Gateway Shoe Machine rebuilds such a wide variety of shoe repair equipment with the same quality as the original factory specifications, we use parts that are developed and manufactured to that same standard. Our years of experince have made us experts at determining which parts from which manufacturers will perform the best. Gateway Shoe Machine also manufactures a wide selection of precision parts at our own facility in America’s heartland.

Some of the parts and supplies were offer are as follows:

Landis K-12 stitcher parts, Landis Machine Parts, Sutton shoe Machine parts, Sutton Landis shoe machine parts, Claes sewing machine parts, Claes patch machine parts, Landis curved needle parts, Landis McKay parts, Claes patching machine parts, chainstitch McKay parts, Lockstitch Mckay parts, Sole stitching parts, Mckay parts, Sutton Mckay parts, Loopers, Lifters, Shuttles, Shuttle cases, Bobbin cases, Stanley Bostitch finisher parts, Stanley Bostitch shoe finisher parts, Auto Soler nailer parts, AutoSoler parts, groz beckert needles, organ needles, singer patching machine needles, claes patching machines needles, adler patching machine needles, Landis needles, Mckay needles, Shoe repair machine needles, Sutton 296 McKay needles, Sutton 600 needles Claes Patching Machine needles, Sutton needles, Sutton Landis needles, curved needle stitcher needles, patch machine needles, Auto Soler McKay needles, Hardo McKay needles, Power shoe machinery, DN 76 Mckay needles, DN 76 Mckay Parts, DN 86 Mckay Parts, DN 86 McKay Needles, DN 2000 mckay parts, DN 2000 mckay needles.