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Sutton Shoe Machines
Sutton Shoe Machines

Gateway Shoe Machine is proud of it's historical connection with Sutton Shoe Machinery.

Shortly after WW2, Roy Sutton founded Arrow Shoe Machine Company. Roy Sutton and Jerry Mueller met in the shoe repair shop of a close relative of Jerry. Mr. Sutton would frequently visit the shop to service its Landis Shoe Machines, such as the Landis K-12 Stitcher, the Landis 36 Mckay, the Landis Finisher, the Landis 5 in 1, and many of the other Landis Shoe Machines. Jerry was fascinated watching Mr. Sutton work on the Landis machines, and Jerry went to work for Mr. Sutton and Arrow Shoe Machine soon after. In 1954 Landis Shoe Machine bought Arrow Shoe Machine from Mr. Sutton. Immediately following, Roy and Jerry went to work for Landis Shoe Machine Company having their own territories. Again, in 1959, Mr. Sutton engaged Jerry, and the two business men started their own company. Soon Sutton Shoe Machine Company was born. With both having ownership in the new company. Mr. Sutton and Jerry continued to rebuild Landis shoe equipment, and also soon began manufacturing their own line of Sutton Shoe Machinery. They replaced the old Landis Line Finishers with faster and sleeker belt sanders. The market for more these new finishers proliferated. Helping shoemakers across the country do their work more quickly and more efficiently. They began manufacturing and introducing other shoe repair equipment to the market, such as the Besser Lockstitch Mckay, the Sutton 296A Chainstitch Mckay, the Sutton 317 Rapid E Curved Needle, Sandblasters, Dying Machines, Jack and Last Sets, Shoe Shine and Shoe Polishing Machines. Their finisher market expanded further so they started manufacturing the Mercury Series Shoe Finisher, the T Series Shoe Finisher, 700 Series Shoe Finisher, 800 Series Shoe Finisher, and then they introduced the world famous S Series Finishers which included the Sutton S-2000, the Sutton S-1250, the Sutton S-1000, the Sutton S-750, the Sutton S-500 Ortho Sander, and the Sutton S-250 Shoe Polishing Machine. All of these machines have Jerry’s imprint has he was the lead designer and engineer behind these groundbreaking products. Upon Roy Suttons retirement in 1982, Jerry Mueller became President of Sutton Shoe Machine Co. Due to Sutton Shoe Machines success, the company was quickly purchased by Stanley-Bostitch. In 1990, Jerry joined Gateway Shoe Machine. Jerry has been dedicated to the Shoe Machine Industry his entire adult life.

Our Rebuilt Sutton Rapid E Model 317 Stitcher is specifically designed for sewing extra heavy boots as well as outsole work for all shoes and boots. The hold down power of the hydrualic presserfoot and the ability to handle thicknesses of up to 7/8" make the Rapid E popular even among manufacturers of heavy soled work boots.

Sutton Stitcher Specialists

Gateway Shoe Machine is a leader in the rebuilding and servicing of Sutton 317 Rapid E Curved Needle Stitcher. It is believed that Gateway Shoe Machine has been servicing and rebuilding Sutton stitchers longer than any remaining shoe machine company in the United States. Gateway has also rebuilt shoe stitchers for shoe machinery companies such as Auto Soler, Stanley Bostitch, Landis, Shu-Re-Nu, and Power. Gateway Shoe Machine offers you many options for having your stitcher repaired or rebuilt in a timely fashion. Options such as the comfort of mind knowing that one of our technicians will be happy coming to you at your shoe repair shop, for in shop service. We also offer the options of rebuilt stitcher head exchanges. We will take your old stitcher head off of old stand and replace it with a newly rebuilt stitcher head. You may also ship your machine to our factory where our technicians will repair or rebuild your machine and return it to you completely like new. Also, you may bring your shoe repair equipment to our facilities where we usually offer one day service, so you won't miss precious time at your shoe repair shop. Just let us know in advance what your needs will be. Gateway Shoe Machine is indeed your Sutton stitcher specialists.

Gateway Shoe Machine's central location in America's heartland, and our technicians' many years of experience in the shoe service industry allow us to offer the best support and sales for Sutton Shoe Machinery.